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Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities at Chapel Hill serves students interested in the ways that digital technologies are transforming the creation and sharing of knowledge in the humanities. These transformations create new opportunities and connections across disciplines and among institutions. The GCP/DH is open to UNC-CH graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and professional schools (e.g., schools of Journalism, Education, Information and Library Science, Public Health) and to non-degree-seeking students, including independent scholars, faculty and staff at UNC campuses, postdocs, K-12 teachers educators, and professionals working in cultural heritage organizations.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities at North Carolina State University

The graduate certificate in digital humanities allows degree or non-degree seeking graduate students to design a curriculum of interdisciplinary study at the forefront of digital methods in the humanities. Digital humanities (or “DH”) comprises a big tent of diverse disciplinary and technical pursuits, and our certificate program is premised on curricular flexibility to allow students to pursue, with the support of certificate staff and faculty, the innovative opportunities they see for creative, critically-informed, media-inflected research and teaching pursuits in their fields, from the humanities to colleges across the university. Including digitization of cultural heritage materials, studies in media history and technologies, analysis and critique of digital culture, applied programming for analysis and visualization, project management, interface design and user experience, and/or digital pedagogies, the certificate features abundant contexts and skills-training in which to define next-generation teaching and research. Ultimately, this certificate augments the directed research students are already undertaking, allowing them further to expand and credential their pursuits for a variety of academic, alternate academic (#altac), and professional goals.

Graduate Certificate in Information Science + Studies at Duke University

The purpose of the ISS Graduate Certificate is to offer an interdisciplinary program at the graduate level that focuses on the study and creation of new information technologies and the analysis of their impact on art, culture, science, medicine, commerce, society, policy, and the environment. The program is designed for masters’s and doctoral students wishing to complement their primary disciplinary focus with an interdisciplinary certificate in Information Science + Information Studies.

Students interested in Digital Humanities, Historical and Cultural Visualization, Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy, Digital Media Authorship, and the Bass Connections: Information, Society & Culture theme may find ISIS of particular interest. We welcome students from all disciplines at the University, and encourage ISIS graduate students to seek TA and research opportunities in ISIS as well.

The Graduate Certificate is not intended to provide a disciplinary canon in information science and information studies but rather to develop a structured set of transdisciplinary skills and resources for exploring new areas of academic research and teaching. It combines required “skills” and “theory” elements and relevant electives, as well as explicit expectations for engagement with the broader ISS community.

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